Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 leak thrilled us for the Galaxy Note 20

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2

Featured as both, a tablet and a smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy fold did not function well in either mode. The 4.6-inch display of the front was too small. The unfolded 7.3-inch display wasn’t an appropriate screen size either. This made it smaller than most tablets, including the 7.9-inch Ipad mini.

There have been rumors suggesting that Samsung has now decided to supersize the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2’s display. The design will also be slimmed down. There’s plenty of bad news for the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2. Hence, Samsung Galaxy Note 20 will have more room to make some noise!

According to Korean publication ETNews, like the original Galaxy Fold, the Galaxy Fold 2 will open from side to side but the new projected screen size is to be “around 8 inches.”

This will make it the largest display on a phone yet!

Currently, the Galaxy Fold weighs about 9.5 ounces. The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra is a pretty heavy phone, weighing 7.7 ounces with its 6.9-inch display.

The Samsung Galaxy fold is believed to have the following features:

  • Increased external display size
  • No S-PEN
  • Around 229g
  • Martian Green, Astro Blue colors

However, it has also been stated that the colors may vary region-wise.

According to the ET News report, the Galaxy Fold 2 will be launched in August, and between June and July, mass production will take place. The Galaxy Note 20 is expected to be launched at about the same time as the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2.

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However, unfortunately, the bad news the leaker has shared is, the S pen will not be included in the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2. This rumored feature would make the Fold 2 increasingly adaptable. However it would seem that the S Pen will be consigned to the Samsung Galaxy Note 20. The Note 20 is additionally supposed to highlight new S Pen abilities, attributable to its Canvas codename, alongside a screen that could surpass 7 inches.

Korean news site ETNews reports that the Galaxy Fold 2 is hoping to present an ultra-thin protective glass layer on the Galaxy Fold 2, as it did on the Galaxy Z Flip. Nonetheless, the glass component could extensively increase the heaviness of the gadget. To maintain a strategic distance from that, Samsung may simply select to utilize a plastic-based panel. The report states that the Galaxy Fold 2 component manufacturing will start at the end of May, and the production and assembly of the following foldable phone will start in June or July.

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