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HTC has reported another outside following alternative with the Vive Cosmos Elite. It’s a faceplate connection that carries outside following to the Cosmos. The $899 group incorporates SteamVR base stations and two controllers and is estimated as a successor to the Vive Pro.

The Vive Cosmos Elite is a faceplate, not a headset:

With the press of a catch inside the headset and a pull on the front, the faceplate can be expelled and swapped out. On account of the Cosmos Elite, you can supplant the more up to date back to front following more established outside following utilizing base stations. The additional cameras on the Cosmos are supplanted with progressively discrete IR sensors covered up along the edges.

Image credit: HTC

The Cosmos was worked to be measured from the beginning, however, this is HTC’s first genuine utilization of that highlight. It was intriguing as to how simple it could swap out once faceplate for another. It just takes a couple of moments to progress from the Cosmos to the Cosmos Elite, despite the fact that it requires restarting Steam (or whatever product you’re utilizing) so the framework can perceive the new equipment.

External Tracking stays predominant:

External Tracking despite everything supplies the best generally speaking VR experience you can get in your front room. As much as you have a ground-breaking PC, and the space to set it up, the Cosmos Elite gives super-smooth and vivid ongoing interaction.

A similar Cosmos, another cost:

The Cosmos is as great as ever from a particular outlook — swapping faceplates doesn’t change that. It offers 1,440 x 1,700 pixels for each eye goals at a 90Hz revive rate. It’s better than the Oculus Rift S right now, the Rift despite everything highlights a marginally more extensive 115-degree field of view contrasted with the Cosmos’ 110 degrees.

The Cosmos Elite is exact, however not really an update:

HTC’s Cosmos Elite offers quicker, more smooth movement following than the standard Cosmos. In any case, it’s an exchange off. What you gain in precision you lose in accommodation. In spite of its name, not every person will consider the to be Elite as the better alternative.

It’d be extraordinary if the Cosmos Elite could deal with both back to front and outer following. Nonetheless, in light of the fact that they utilize diverse following frameworks (and controllers), you’ll have to purchase the two faceplates and swap them to switch. HTC says they’ll be selling the faceplates independently, with the goal that’s a possibility for VR aficionados.

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