Razer Tomahawk: Razer’s latest modular PC is coming this December

Razer Tomahawk RGB

Everyone who follows Razer’s developments in gaming will remember how hard they tried to release a modular gaming PC. The concept has been revolving ever since Project Christine in 2014. Of course Project Christine never became a reality. But earlier this year in January Razer brought forward its latest contender; The Razer Tomahawk.

When is the Razer Tomahawk getting released?

The Tomahawk is going up for pre-orders in December and its price starts at $2400.

People who are familiar with Project Christine will be amazed by how different the Tomahawk is compared to it. While the earlier model consisted of a bunch of modules which were water-cooled and a few more Snap-On cartridge like setups for components. The Tomahawk uses the NUC 9 Extreme kit by Intel.

The whole PC takes less than 60 seconds to fully assemble. So, for your convenience we have simplified the assembling procedure to give you a basic idea of it.

It is as simple as 1,2 and 3

  1. Install the NUC 9 Extreme Kit into one of two PCI slots
  2. Install the graphics card into the PCIe slot.
  3. complete the assembling process by pushing the sled into the case.

And you are done!

Razer Tomahawk Assembly

[email protected]_Razor_Tomahawk

If you still feel like this three step 60 second assembly is a hassle then worry not. Because Razor is selling pre-configured PC’s just for you.

The specifications of the Pre-configured model are:

  • Intel Core i9 9980HK processor
  • 16 Gigabytes of DDR4 RAM
  • 2 Terabyte HDD+ 512 Gigabyte NVMe SSD
  • GPU: Can upscale up to NVidia GeForce RTX 3080

If you want to know what the chassis of the setup is made from, the answer is aluminum. It is made out of anodized aluminum paired with Razers standard Chroma RGB decorating the bottom. The chassis is large enough to fit any regular GPU. Therefore, you do not have to go with those low powered miniature models. The entire thing is powered by a 750W SFX unit.

How much does the Razer Tomahawk cost?

The pricing of the Tomahawk does not correspond to its miniature size. It starts off at a whopping $2400. The price only goes higher as you add in the GPU. Therefore something like the Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 powering it, the price can be high as $3200. For more information on the PC you can visit Razer.

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