Performance mode on Fortnite brings massive FPS boosts

Epic games just released a brand new feature to its best selling Battle Royale title.  The performance mode enables older gaming rigs to get some respectable FPS on Fortnite.

The new game feature is now  live ingame. But we need to advise you that it is still in Alpha-testing so there might be some bugs. We expect improvements to arrive with the next patch.

How does performance mode function?

Of course an increase in FPS does not fall out of the sky, there is a significant drop in visual quality. The decrease in visual quality allows the processor and GPU to have more breathing space.

In laptops that use integrated graphics to play video games the FPS saw almost a 100% increase in performance.

The laptop used to test this had the following specs

  • Intel Core i5-8265U CPU
  • Intel UHD Graphics 620
  • 8GB RAM

The FPS counter rose from 24 FPS to 61 FPS when the performance boost was enabled. Imagine this, a laptop with integrated graphics is capable of providing 60+ FPS in a game. The golden number on integrated graphics is not bad at all.

How does it benefit gaming?

The increase in FPS will benefit your gaming immensely. From being able to smoothly track your enemies ingame while in a firefight is much more important than visual quality.

The performance mode also allows gamers to reduce the size of their Fortnite game file. It allows you to opt out of certain unnecessary game files. The reduction in size varies, but from what we have seen it can reduce up to 14Gb. That reduces the minimum game size to 17 Gb. Remember when Fortnite used to be over 90Gb in size? These updates will help older PCs cope with Fortnite’s game size and demand. However, we advise you wait a few more weeks till the performance mode gets better optimisations.

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