Latest Apple Leak discloses iPhone 12 Release Shock

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Apple already announced that iPhone 12 will not launch soon. But now it seems like the wait is going to be longer than it was expected. The manufacturers are trying their level best to keep the prices down of iPhone 12. Unfortunately, it will not be possible with the current situation.

Price and Release date of iPhone 12

According to the latest news story of TrendForce, even after a lot of controversial reductions, the iPhone 12 series will be the most expensive iPhones ever released. The latest iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Plus, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max will cost $749, $849, $1,099, and $1,199 respectively. The iPhone 12 series will offer new upgrades, incorporating some first design modifications we’ve seen since the iPhone X was launched in 2017.

An increase in the iPhone’s 12 price will become controversial as the 5G network is still not available worldwide. 5G chips are tremendously expensive, with recent statistics suggesting it is going to add $135 or approximately $200 to the build-up cost, and the profit margin for Apple will be large.

Moreover, it is also expected that the launch event for the iPhone 12 could be as late as one month. Therefore, pre-orders and shipping process will be postponed until November.

How Apple is trying to reduce to Price of iPhone 12 series

Apple is struggling to minimize costs drastically with the elimination of the charger and EarPod from the box. Also, by reducing the capacity of the battery, the developers will reduce the price. But by doing this, the performance of their game-changing A14 chip will also be influenced as it highly preserves battery life. Not only this, but the launch of Apple’s latest ProMotion display is also in doubt now.

As everyone knows that Apple Company manufactures high-quality phones. So the cost will also be increased if a higher quality phone is manufactured. The Apple Company manufactures the most expensive phones because they know people will pay. Though the price of the iPhone 12 series is too high, it is expected that it will break the sales record of all other 5G smartphones.

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