Hitman is available for free on Epic Games Store

PSA: Hitman

First released in 2016, Hitman is one of the most loved games of the modern era. The game was an immediate success and earned universal praise as it offered extended possibilities for innovation. Epic Games, an American video game developer company has officially announced good news for all the Hitman lovers.

Hitman is available on Epic Games Store

Hitman 3 is among the most awaited games ever since it was first disclosed at the PS5 launch ceremony. The game is scheduled to launch in the first month of 2021. But now Epic Games Store is offering Hitman, the first in the new trilogy, free of cost. Anyone can download the free version of Hitman from Epic Games play store and can get familiar with it. This Hitman free edition contains every Hitman map from season one, including Sapienza, Marrakesh, Paris, Colorado Hokkaido, and Bangkok.

How to download Hitman for free?

Hitman is available on the Epic Games store from now onwards till the 4th of September. Gamers will have register on Epic Games account to download the game. All you need to do is to simply follow the following steps:

  • Register yourself at this link for an Epic Games account.
  • Download the Launcher of Epic Games from the website. You can also pick the option “Get Epic Games” that is present in the right top corner of the web page.
  • When players have set up their account, they can then continue by installing the launcher. After installing, start the Epic Games launcher. Find the “Hitman” which is possibly on the front page of the Epic Games Store. After opening the game page, click on the “Download” button. Your game will start to download.
  • The game is free, so there will be no charge.

The free version of Hitman

The free version of Hitman does not offer contents such as fantastic Patient Zero initiative, new trendy outfits, and dangerous weapons. So if you want all the additional features you can order it on Epic games store by paying $29.95. But still, the free version has many aspects that players can explore in the world of Hitman.

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