Fortnite leaks hint possible changes to map through Season 5 Rift Beacons

Fortnite leaks Rift beacon

The recent Fortnite leaks showed a possibility of the Rift Beacons making a return. This is expected to happen during the season 5 update of Chapter 2.


Fortnite has not managed to repeat the success it showed as a battle royale title in Chapter 1. Although Chapter 2 had a plethora of new and interesting changes ranging from new maps to guns and so forth, it really never came up in popularity. This drove players to start requesting roll-backs. Most wanted old guns, locations and even themes to return to the game. But the most requested item was the Rift Beacon.

Fortnite Leaks Rift Beacon

[email protected]_Fortnite_Rift Beacon

The Rift Beacon was an item that was released in Season X and its presence usually meant a location is about to get scrapped. This means new content and a brand new experience for players. The locations marked with the beacon would receive changes when new challenges come through for players.

From what the leaks suggest, the Rift Beacons could be making a return to Fortnite. The exact purpose is unknown, it could even be a part of the new Galactus event.

Who is responsible for the Fortnite leaks?

TweaFN who is a well known Fortnite leaker stated that the Beacons in the game have been updated. The tweet came through on November 29. Not only the Beacons but a whole set of assets have been changed. These changes include the light beam present in the Robot Vs Monster event of Season 9. 


Looking at how these event assets are getting updated, it is most likely that they are present in Galactus. So far the only lead we have on the season 5 theme is the leaked secret skin for The mandalorian and Baby Yoda.

So far we do not have a lot to work with on the table, so we will have to wait till Epic takes initiative.


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