Fortnite is getting its own in-game video chat

Fortnite video chat with Houseparty


Epic has decided to add a revolutionary concept to Fortnite, which is its most successful game. From what they have released, players will now be able to view their friends through a video-chat when they are ingame. The live feed feature has already gone live in the battle royale game. As expected the feature is currently only available on the PC,PS4 and PS5. 


How is the Fortnite video-chat done?


Remember how Epic bought the popular chat-app known as Houseparty? Houseparty has been responsible for Fortnite’s cross platform audio chat. Therefore it looks like Houseparty will be taking the lead on this project as well.

To experience the new video-chat players will need to link their Houseparty and Fortnite accounts. Once that is completed, players can enable the “ Fortnite Mode” present in the app. The Fortnite Mode allows you to connect to your party of friends, and as you play the game their feeds will be visible on the left side of the screen


What are the requirements ?

This cannot be done using a standard PC setup, to make this possible you need some extra hardware. First you will need a PC or a Playstation that runs Fortnite. In addition to the console or PC you will require an Android or IOS device that has Houseparty installed in it. The device will be your camera or lens. 

This does sound like a hassle to many but according to Epic users were already doing the procedure. They just made the whole thing official and more streamlined for users.


Looking at the whole concept we can see that Epic really is not messing around here. The video-chat even has a fancy technology installed in it that prevents users backgrounds from being visible. That is right! The camera will be focused on your face and your face only. Anything around it, the background and all will be replaced by a plain colorful background. Therefore when you move out of the camera, the live feed will be cut off. Quite a useful trick and very thoughtful. According to Epic, it is done through face detection technology used in Google and Apple.


It is still not sure when it will come out to the other platforms which Fortnite uses or whether it will be released for them at all. But, from what we can see, Fortnite seems to be transforming from a simple battle royale to a social space.

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