DwarfHeim releases a Friend Pass for co-op play

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We all remember how fans were super excited at the Co-op multiplayer reveal for Dwarfheim earlier this year. The single player mode of the game was great we are not going to lie, but the multiplayer was the cream of the crop. The multiplayer mode of the game allows up to 3 players to join a party. The party allows players to pick either a miner, warrior or builder role . Where you can work together and overcome your enemies and the unforgiving environment of the game.

While all this this good and dandy, the real trouble comes with its limited access to the mode. If you want to play co-op with your friends they too need to own it. But this no longer the case as PineLeaf Studio, the developer of Dwarfheim has released a special Friend Pass Option. Therefore this allows anyone who owns the game to play it with their friends. That means everyone else does not need it.

How can others play Dwarfheim Co-op if they do not have it?

Friends can go to Dwarheim’s Steam page, where the friend pass version is available for download. The owner of the game will then send a special code to their friends and they can hop right in.

The code can be generated through the ” Invite a Friend” option present in the full game of Dwarfheim. When the player enters the code, they can enter the owners lobby, select a class and start playing.

This new feature is a part of a new content update by the dev team of Dwarfheim. The third content update to be accurate. This update also added a variety of different features to the game such as:

  • An option for custom games( This includes 1v1, 2v2 and 3v3). Of course these are non-matchmade lobbies.
  • A brand new tutorial that is way better
  • More keybinds to make your life easier
  • More strategic elements to make the game more interesting for players

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The game is available on Steam’s Early Access section. It got its initial release this October and according to Pineleaf we would see a complete release by summer 2021. If you are interested in the game now is a good time to start playing.

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