Crash 4 DRM Gets Nuked Just A Day After Release

Crash bandicoot 4 crack

Normally, we are not too thrilled when hackers break a game. It is bad for the community and cuts out funding that may negatively affect future releases. However, this time we have to side with the hackers because of the reasoning behind their crack. Just a day past release a set of hackers from Hacker Empress released a crack for this game.

What was the reason behind it ?

Crash 4 is essentially an offline game that has no online multiplayer elements in it. Therefore anyone who purchased the game should be allowed to enjoy the game without connecting to the internet, right? Sadly, No! A system set up by Activision requires the player to connect to the internet in order to verify their game every time they turn on it. Not everyone in the community took this well, as it hindered their ability to play something that they fully paid for.

What happens if you don’t connect to the internet?

If you try to bypass the DRM by not connecting to the internet, you will be faced with an error. error BLZ51900002 is the code that will be displayed on your screen. But if you cross check this code with the list provided in, it comes up as a error generated when the PC fails to connect to its corresponding server.


The crack comes with an image that specifies the target as This is special as their usual target is Denuvo.

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