Apple’s iPhone 12 Update Unexpectedly Confirmed

iphone 12

With the latest iPhone 12 spills being substantially worse than better, the pressure was rising over how Apple’s latest models would stand out. Apple iPhone 12 updates have fallen like flies with display deceptions, design problems, and odd battery choices in recent days. Yet probably the most exciting new addition has been confirmed.

iPhone 12 CPU

The iPhone 12 line of phones will be super fast. According to new details from popular industry insider Komiya, it will be the leader among rest of the market. The tipster shows that the current A14 chipset within this range offers 40% and 50% CPU and GPU gains, respectively. This is equivalent to a multi-generational rise on the iPhone’s A13, which is indeed the speediest mobile phone chipset available in the market.

iPhone 12 Camera

The first leaked iPhone 12 Pro Max case shows the newly designed camera array of the flagship phone from the news site AppleTrack. The report shows not just the enlarged primary camera, but and how Apple will incorporate its highly innovative new LiDAR sensor into the phone’s triple camera series. As a result, not everybody was expecting that.


By changing the iPhone’s 11 triangular camera set-up to a square configuration of four equal size lenses (three cameras, single LiDAR sensor), Apple was widely expected to incorporate a LiDAR sensor. Instead, the case proves Apple has retained the same configuration and has significantly reduced the LiDAR sensor from the large module that first appeared in the iPad Pro launched in March. The outcome is a sensor that is just as tiny as the LED flash and it can be mounted in the lower right corner of a camera hump.

iphone 12 camera

iPhone 12 Specifications

The Latest Apple iPhone 12 design features news stories predict that Apple will exchange the stainless steel bodywork that was used in iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max with “aerospace aluminum” in the new Pro designs. The new material is apparently longer-lasting and can withstand extreme hot and cold temperatures.

But we’ve to wait a little longer for this update, as the Apple Company has already announced a delayed-release.

Source: Forbes

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