Apple Has Given Millions of Users A reason to dump their iPhones

iphone se 2020

Apple has just uncovered the iPhone 12’s tentpole upgrade. However it’s anything but a valid justification to discard your current iPhone in the fall. Why? Since Apple just gave you a superior motivation to do it, at this moment.

The newly announced iPhone SE is a wolf disguised as a sheep! Look carefully and it’s not so much a profound successor to the 4-inch iPhone SE. It’s the follow-up to the premium iPhone 8 with the heartbeat of an iPhone 11 Pro Max and it’s the best worth cell phone Apple has ever released.

This new iPhone is not only low priced, i.e. $399, but it also has the best features you can look for in a phone!

This new iPhone features the same A13 bionic used in the iPhone 11 Pro Max as well. A13 bionic makes every action feel fluid, making the new iPhone an ideal choice for photography, gaming and augmented reality experiences.

iPhone SE 2020
iPhone SE photography
Source: Apple

A13 Bionic was constructed with attention on machine learning, with a committed 8-core Neural Engine fit for 5 trillion tasks per second, two Machine Learning Accelerators on the CPU and another Machine Learning Controller to adjust execution and proficiency. Together, A13 Bionic and iOS 13 empower new shrewd applications that utilize machine learning and Core ML.

The New iPhone SE advertised by Apple Insider

Constructed for proficiency, the A13 Bionic likewise empowers incredible battery life for iPhone SE. iPhone SE is wireless-charging capable with Qi-certified chargers and bolsters fast charging, giving users up to 50 percent charge in only 30 minutes. Lightning-fast download speeds are accessible with Wi-Fi 6 and Gigabit-class LTE. Dual SIM with eSIM gives the adaptability to users to have two separate telephone numbers on one gadget.

A13 Bionic is the fastest chip ever in a smartphone, period. So everything feels fluid, whether you’re launching apps, playing the latest games, or exploring new ways to work and play with augmented reality.


The greatest advantage of this A13 Bionic is that you will be paying only one-third of the price for performance equivalent to iPhone 11 Pro max!

Apple claims that this new iPhone will deliver the “Best Single-Camera System in an iPhone”. This is possible because of the A13 chip. This brings Portrait shots, Portrait Lighting effects and Depth Control along with 4K video at 60fps.

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This iPhone has a 4.7-inch display which makes it great for carrying around. Secondly, it is 40g lighter than an iPhone 11 Pro, and approximately 80g lighter than an iPhone 11 Pro Max.

On the plus side, big bezels provide way more protection compared to edge-to-edge glass. There’s also IP67 water resistance, along with a fast working fingerprint ID.

iPhone SE 2020
iPhone SE has iP67 water resistance
Source: Apple

The table above displays, the new iPhone SE doesn’t come with an 18W fast charger, neither does the battery life compete with iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro Max. On the other hand, it supports wireless charging and fast charging if you are willing to buy these accessories later.

This iPhone doesn’t have 5G, Face ID, LiDAR, a U1 chip or zoom/ultra-wide cameras. The reason behind is that 5G consumes a lot of battery. Furthermore, U1 chip remains a niche feature, despite Apple’s exciting CarKey plans.

In my opinion, the only thing Apple got wrong with this phone is its name. I think it should be called iPhone 9. There has never been a cheaper moment to dump your current iPhone.

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